Tehran (IP) - Iran Press held a tour of the Saad Abad Complex in Tehran, showing the Mir-Emad Museum of the complex.

Iran PressIran News: Saadabad Historical Complex is a beautiful example of Iranian architecture, where different kinds of the country's arts such as gilding, plastering, and khatam inlaying can be seen.

Due to its similarity with the buildings belonging to the late Qajar period, the museum's architecture is similar to that of the transition period to the Pahlavi era.

The museum was opened in 1997, in the honor of the Iranian famous calligrapher Mir-Emad Hassani of the Safavid era and contains works of 10 centuries.

The works in the museum include pre-Islamic calligraphy, Islamic calligraphy, leisure arts calligraphy, practical calligraphy, and other antique manuscripts.

With 196 square meters of area, the first floor of the building has been established on a platform with 1.5 square meters of height a height of one and a half square meters.


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