Bauchi (IP) - Millions of Muslims in Nigeria continue to observe Ramadan fasting, one of the most significant parts of worshiping Allah.

Iran PressAfrica: The Muslims in Nigeria spend almost 14 hours fasting, from 5:10 am to 6:45 pm.

Like in other Muslim countries around the world, Muslims in Nigeria seek to get closer to Allah during the month of Ramadan through various ways, such as recitation of the holy Quran, helping the needy, and attending mosques to listen to interpretations and explanations of the holy Quran popularly known as Tafseer.

On the other hand, foodstuff and fruit traders in markets across the country are lamenting poor patronage from the public due to a lack of money and high costs.

Junaid Abubakar, a fruit seller in Bauchi State said "people are not coming to buy the fruits because they don't have money. Two years ago I wouldn't have had time to have interview with you around this time due to too many buyers, but now you can see yourself, they are not coming. You can see some of the traders sleeping because we spend three hours without selling anything."

Another person, Mahmud Yunusa who bought bananas spoke to Iran Press. He said it's not easy to do Ramadan fasting in Nigeria where people are already hungry. He appeals to the government and rich people to use Ramadan's opportunity to prevail over the hardship faced by many Nigerians with the scarcity of cash and the rise in the cost of foodstuffs and petrol.