The two suspected ballistic missiles launched by North Korea on Monday morning landed outside of Japan's exclusive economic zone, Japanese media report.

Iran PressAsia: South Korea’s Yonhap news agency reported, citing the South Korean military, that North Korea test-fired an unspecified ballistic missile toward the Sea of Japan on Monday. The Japan Coast Guard issued two warnings on Monday, suggesting that two launches were carried out by Pyongyang.

The first warning was issued at 07:50 local time (22:50 GMT on Sunday). Ten minutes later, the second warning was issued by the Japan Coast Guard.

Kyodo reported citing government sources on Monday that the first missile landed outside of Japan's exclusive economic zone. NHK said citing government sources that the second missile also landed outside the exclusive zone.

Last week, North Korea tested a ballistic missile that also landed outside of Japan's exclusive economic zone. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un said that the test was part of a military drill designed to test the country's ability to respond to a nuclear attack with nuclear weapons of its own.

South Korea and the United States held joint military exercises in the region earlier this month in an operation named "Freedom Shield 23." North Korea called the drills preparation for a "war of aggression" by the United States and South Korea.