Damascus (IP) - Former Iranian Foreign Minister and Head of Iran Strategic Council on Foreign Relations, in a meeting with the Minister of Awqaf (Religious Endowments), said: "We must prevent western conspiracy to divide Islamic countries."

Iran PressMiddle East: Kamal Kharrazi, former Iran Foreign Minister and Head of Iran Strategic Council on Foreign Relations arrived in Damascus on Sunday for a three-day visit to meet with senior Syrian officials.

Abbas Araghchi, the secretary of Iran's Strategic Council on Foreign Relations accompanies him on the trip.

During his stay in Damascus, Kamal Kharrazi met Syria's Minister of Awqaf (Religious Endowments) Mohammad Abdul-Sattar al-Sayyed.

In the meeting, the parties discussed countering the spread of extremism in the region, preventing division among Muslims, dialogue and understanding between Islamic sects and religions, especially Shia and Sunni, and paying attention to the Western conspiracy to destroy the religious foundations of young generations in the Islamic world.

Emphasizing the need for vigilance to prevent the conspiracy of the West to create division between Islamic countries, which is in the interests of the Zionist apartheid regime, Kharrazi listed the commonalities of Islamic religions and the expansion of unity among Muslims as one of the ideals and goals of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

In the meeting, the Syrian minister also spoke about Iran-Syria relations and praised Iran's cooperation in the fight against terrorism, and also appreciated the people of Iran for their assistance.

He also appreciated Iranians for their help to Quake-hit Syrians.

Kharrazi also will meet with Syria president Bashar A-Assad.

The head of the Iran Strategic Council on Foreign Relations also delivered a speech to Syrian political and cultural elites about the foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran at the Asad Library (National Library) in Damascus on Monday.


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