The Syrian Foreign Minister said that US sanctions are major obstacles to humanitarian aid as these sanctions prevent the importation of medicine into Syria.

Iran PressMiddle East: The earthquake that hit Syria is a major catastrophe, and what exacerbated the issue is the status quo in Syria due to its war on terrorism and its backers, Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad told.

"The sanctions on Syria made the disaster all the worse," Mekdad said. "The state is following up on the mobilization of aid domestically and abroad, and President Bashar Al-Assad requested that all the state's capabilities be employed in search and rescue operations."

"Aid from Europe does not need a request and bureaucracy, as humanitarian aid is not subject to sanctions," Mekdad explained. "Humanitarian aid is not subject to sanctions in accordance with international laws, so this is not an excuse."

"All of the hospitals in Syria have been asked to treat earthquake victims," Mekdad said, noting that Syria had asked through its ambassadors for international aid to confront the disaster it has been struck with.

Bassam Sabbagh, the representative of Syria in the United Nations, met and talked with the Secretary General of this organization, Antonio Guterres, about the earthquake in the north of the country and the situation of the earthquake victims. 219