Chile's wildfire death toll has risen to at least 24, with almost another 1,000 people injured as firefighters work to control one of the country's worst natural disasters in years.

Iran PressAmerica: Firefighters were battled dozens of raging wildfires in Chile on Sunday, seeking to gain control of one of the country's worst natural disasters in years as the death toll rose to at least 24 with nearly 1,000 more injured.

Chilean Interior Minister Carolina Tohá said Saturday the government had called for international support from Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay to help fight the devastating forest fires that have now killed at least 22 people and ravaged thousands of hectares of land.

International help was set to arrive on Sunday from a handful of countries that have pledged resources, including planes and expert firefighting teams, as the most intense wildfires torched forests and farmland clustered around three regions near the middle of the South American country's long Pacific coastline.

The government of President Gabriel Boric has issued emergency declarations for the largely rural southern regions of Biobio, Nuble and Araucania in an effort to speed relief.

The fires have consumed some 270,000 hectares, officials said on Sunday, or an area roughly the size of the U.S. state of Rhode Island. 219