News sources reported on Thursday the discovery of at least 66 unmarked graves of Aboriginal children in British Columbia province in western Canada.

Iran PressAmerica: Another 66 graves of indigenous children have been found at a boarding school in western Canada. This was revealed by ground radar surveys at St. Joseph’s Mission Residential School near the town of Williams Lake in the province of British Columbia, researchers said Wednesday (local time) at a news conference, as reported by the newspaper “Toronto Star”.

These graves were discovered in the place where the native children's school used to be. These schools were created based on the "Indian Civilization Act" of 1819, and by keeping children away from their parents, their culture and customs, they suppressed the Canadian aboriginal identity.

The school was run by the Catholic Church from 1886 to 1981 before being taken over by the federal government, according to CTV News.

The remains of 215 children aged three and up were discovered in British Columbia in May 2021 at the site of a former Indigenous boarding school. The practice of establishing such institutions has been condemned by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as a "tragedy." 219