Yazd (IP) - Iran's President criticized the inert industry units in the country and stressed that the country enjoyed high industrial capacities that can bring it to the desired level.

Iran PressIran news: Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi arrives in Yazd on Thursday morning as his administration's provincial tours and inaugurated the operation of the second water transfer line from the Persian Gulf to the Yazd province.

Delivering a speech on Thursday in the ceremony of resuscitating 76 industrial units in Yazd, central Iran, Ebrahim Raisi said that liquidity must lead to production in order to reduce social harms and increase economic growth. 

Raisi stressed the production of high-quality knowledge-based goods and their commercialization of them in the global markets. 

He said Iran's share in the region's economy was high and must be revived through production. 

The president pointed to Woman Day, named after the birthday of Prophet Muhammad's daughter Lady Fatima (SA), and appreciated all women who contributed to the economic growth and production of the country. 

He called Yazd one of Iran's industry poles and said that it was not acceptable that the industrial units of the country were either closed or working at half of their capacity. 


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