IP- Iran's embassy in Paris condemned the Charlie Hebdo's action in conducting the offensive cartoon contest and announced the move cannot be justified by the principle of freedom of expression.

Iran PressEurope: The French magazine recently held a cartoon contest in which it insulted the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei.

The Iranian Embassy in Paris wrote in a statement that Charlie Hebdo's action is an insult to personalities and nations and the launch of a defamation campaign, spreading lies and a clear example of human rights violations.

"On the other hand the move shows the abuse, selective, and hypocritical exploitation of the principle of freedom of expression," the statement added. 

"By publishing very disgusting and hideous pictures, Charlie Hebdo, who considers itself as the defender of women's rights, has made the most ugly has insulted to the status of the women and revealed its hypocrisy," the statement reads.

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"The French authorities must take the necessary and urgent action to deal with the magazine to prevent the continuation of the campaign of insults and hatred, which will certainly damage and destruct relations between the two countries.

Iran's foreign minister also strongly condemned it in response to the publication of these so-called cartoons.

"The insulting and out of indecent action of a French magazine in publishing cartoons against our religious and political authority will not be left without a decisive and effective answer," Iran's top diplomat tweeted.

"We will not allow the French government to cross the line," FM said.

"They have definitely chosen the wrong path. We have already put the magazine on the sanctions list." the tweet reads.


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