Rome(IP)-The intensification of the cost of living crisis in Italy brought the people of the country to the streets.

Iran PressEurope: Thousands of people from different walks of life in Italy protested against the high cost of living, especially the unprecedented increase in the price of electricity and gas, in the central streets of Rome, the capital of Italy, on Saturday evening.

Currently, the inflation rate in Italy has reached 12%, which is unprecedented in the last 40 years in the European country.

The Italian demonstrators also chanted anti-government slogans and demanded to stop sending arms to Ukraine.

One of the protesters told the Iranpress correspondent that this demonstration is a protest against the increase in the cost of living and war. The government should think about the social costs of the Italian people instead of the military costs of the war in Ukraine.

Another angry protestor emphasized in an interview with an Iranpress correspondent in Rome that we want the government to stop sending weapons to Ukraine and increase salaries.

The protester stated that instead of thinking about providing housing and employment for the people, the Italian government is causing high prices and misery for the workers with its wrong policies.

The Italian citizen said today, in Italy, 5 million people live in poverty, and this number is increasing.

Also, last Friday, tens of thousands of people in Italy went on strike and did not go to work in protest against the government's budget bill, high inflation, lack of job security, low salaries, and healthcare problems in the country.

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The situation almost prevails in other European countries, including France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, and the people of these countries are protesting against the bad economic situation and the high cost of energy by being on the streets.

The war in Ukraine and the embargo against Russia have been declared as two factors of the crisis in European countries, and the people of different European countries want the end of the war in Ukraine and not to send weapons to the war-torn country.


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