Sanandaj(IP) - Iran's President, along with his government ministers and officials, arrived at Sanandaj on Thursday morning to Inaugurate the 'Azad Dam water transfer project' and have a public meeting with people and officials.

Iran PressIran news: upon his arrival, Iran's  President Ebrahim Raisi was received by the Governor General of Kurdistan, the representative of the leader in Kurdistan, and a group of senior officials of the province on Thursday morning at Sanandaj airport.

Operating the Azad Dam water transfer system to the Sanandaj plant and meeting with the people, clerics, and elites of the province are the most important plans of the president's one-day trip to Kurdistan province.

The project to transfer water from Azad Dam to the Sanandaj plant is one of the government's major urban water supply projects, completed in 20 months.

The project's first phase, which kicked off in 2020, was put into operation in November of this year.

Despite the mountainous conditions, difficulties in transferring water from the Azad Dam to the plant, and the complex process of passing the steel pipeline through Heart of the Rocks, the transfer project ended with a favorable result.

The route of the water supply project from the water resources of Kurdistan province to the city of Sanandaj is about 60 km, among which 27 km of this route is branched with steel pipes with diameters of 1400 and 1200 mm.

The operationalization of this water supply network, for which 850 billion Tomans have been spent, will provide the possibility of transferring 57 million cubic meters of water to the Sanandaj water treatment plant for the population of 700,000 people in the year 1425(2046).

Azad Dam is located 60 km west of Sanandaj, and its reservoir volume is 300 million cubic meters.

Qeshlaq Dam, 12 km north of Sanandaj, has suffered from nutrition for several years, and this city's drinking water has an unpleasant taste and smell.


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