Tehran (IP) - Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the German Ambassador to Tehran due to Germany's interventionist measures to propose and ratify an anti-Iranian resolution in the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC).

Iran PressIran News: The meeting was called by a group of UNHRC members led by Germany and Iceland that sought an investigation into alleged rights abuses during the handling of the riots in Iran.

Hans-Udo Muzel was summoned to Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was communicated the strong protest of the Islamic Republic of Iran because of Germany's baseless comments about that country.  

Muzel was told that the anti-Iranian resolution approved in the UNHRC was politically biased with an instrumentalist approach to human rights and that Iran would never act based on any mechanism which would come out of it. 

He was explained about the fact that due to the accomplice of Germany and other European countries which is added to the US unilateral measures, merely violating the rights of the Iranian people, they were of no credit to talk about human rights. 

Muzel also said that he would convey the protest to the relevant German authorities.

The 5th special session of the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) on the recent riots in the Islamic Republic adopted a resolution against Iran on Thursday, proposed by Germany and Iceland.


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