Over the past three months, large French trade unions have staged several mass protests in Paris and hundreds of other locations across the country to agitate for higher salaries.

Iran Press/Europe: Yellow Vest protesters hold a rally on the fourth anniversary of the start of the movement. The Yellow Vests began as a series of weekly protests in France.

Since the movement began on 17 November 2018, tens of thousands have marched every Saturday through the streets of France, airing a number of grievances, ranging from taxes on fuel, high cost of living, pension reforms, restrictions on worker's rights, to President Emmanuel Macron's economic policies.

The gilets jaunes revolt shows no signs of going away in France, and the movement is about to mark its first year of protests. The gilets jaunes are not represented by a party, trade union or leader, but they object to elitist and out-of-touch politicians ignoring their demands. Macron, they say, is totally out-of-touch with ordinary French people. 

Many within the yellow vest movement are demanding President Macron's resignation. 219