Stockholm(IP) - After three years of being in captivity, Hamid Nouri's son, in an exclusive interview with Iran Press, reveals new shocking facts about his father's situation in a Swedish prison, saying that the Swedish court has never let the true story to be retold by Nouri's Family.

Iran PressIran news: The Swedish judicial system recently allowed the family of Hamid Nouri, an Iranian detainee in Stockholm, to visit him very briefly.

In 2018, Hamid Nouri was arrested as soon as he arrived at the Stockholm airport during a scenario designed by the terrorist group MEK (Mojahedin-e-Khalq).

During the presence of Hamid Nouri's family in Sweden, the Iran Press news agency conducted an exclusive detailed interview with his son Majid Nouri.

In the beginning, Majid Nouri said about his father's last health condition in prison, saying that despite the follow-ups and being over 60 years old, his father's health condition cannot be taken care of.

Hamid Nouri's son stated that his father is still in solitary confinement and lacks good morale, and the conditions are still difficult for him in prison.

He stated that his father has been in solitary confinement for more than 1100 days, and the cell door is opened three times a day during breakfast, lunch, and dinner; these conditions have been implemented for his father since the very first day.

Nouri's son stated that his father's whole life is spent in a 6-7-meter cell, and his mental, psychological, and health conditions are harsh.

Majid Nouri stated that due to the continued poor condition of Hamid Nouri in prison, his lawyer had expressed a strong protest due to the double standards of the Swedish government towards this detainee.

Nouri's son stated that Nouri's family was not allowed to meet him for 25 months, and so far, in the last three years, they met only seven times, and the phone call was made after a year of his father's imprisonment in solitary confinement.

A victim of the Swedish government's political game

Majid Nouri emphasized why his father was treated like this. According to Mr. Nouri's lawyer, he was a victim of the Swedish government's political game, and this country created problems for his father.

Hamid Nouri's son stated that the detention center's behavior was not in line with the judge's request. The judge of his father's case said he has no restrictions, but the detention center authorities admitted that they were informed that restrictions should be applied to him.

He stated that the behavior of the Stockholm detention center authorities towards his father is based on double standards and said that the period of investigation and interrogation is over. However, restrictions are still applied to his father.

Majid Nouri added that the lawyer could see his father in prison every two weeks, and they even impose restrictions on the lawyer, and there have been protests against this.

He stated about the restrictions imposed on his father, every 24 hours; he is allowed to eat for about half an hour. Still, it is denied for various reasons, and this behavior is a form of torture and a source of harsh conditions.

Majid Nouri stated that these problematic conditions continue for his father's family and lawyer, while the documentary maker against his father and Iran quickly met him to make a documentary against him.

He said there are laws in Sweden that practically do not allow a lawyer other than the government lawyer to be chosen for his father because the circumstances govern the party's decision to choose a government lawyer.

Majid Nouri said that the consular services in Sweden had not been established for his father, and he could not communicate well with the Iranian ambassador in Sweden.

Being a victim of Assault and Battery in Sweden

According to Mr. Nouri, once, when he was leaving the plane at the airport, four policemen grabbed him and beat him in an ugly way, and once more, he was beaten when the bill of indictment was issued.

Majid Nouri, about whether the court gave his father a chance to defend himself or not, said during the 92 days of the trial, his father never had a proper opportunity to defend himself and only had less than 10 minutes in 6 or 7 days.

He said his father's trial in Sweden was subjective and against him. The witness was not allowed to be present in the court.

Nouri added his father's government lawyers in Sweden failed in many cases during his father's trial, and even Mr. Nouri's family was expelled from the court. In such circumstances, the lawyers did not get involved.

Nouri's son said that Hamid Nouri's new lawyer admitted that the jurisdiction of the Swedish court was questionable, and the prosecutor did not mention the critical point that his father entered Sweden while being deceived.

He expressed his hope that the court conditions would change during the appeal and that his father's words would be heard because, during the trial, the judge and the prosecutor ignored his words.

Majid Nouri announced that his father's appeal court will be held on January 16, 2023, and all cases of violation of Mr. Nouri's rights will be delivered to this court under the new bill.

The extensive role of Hamid Nouri's rights

Has Nouri's son informed the human rights institutions supported by the United Nations about his father's violation of human rights? He stated that none of the human rights institutions are looking for human rights, and for his father, human rights were one-sided, and cases of violation of his father's fundamental rights were never dealt with.

He clarified that there was even a bilateral dialogue with human rights organizations such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, and they admitted that they could not do anything for Hamid Nouri.

Spreading lies by hostile Media

He said about the role of hostile Farsi-speaking media outside of Iran in covering his father's trial, the BBC, in cooperation with Iran International and the Voice of America, created a disaster by lying about his father's court news.

Majid Nouri considered fake news to be the common point of these three media and said that these media published endless phony information during his father's trial and the media mainstream was one-sided and against Mr. Nouri and even their corrupt reporters used obscenities against us along with the MEK.

MEK orchestrated scenario 

He stated about the role of the MEK terrorist outfit in arresting and filing a case against Hamid Nouri in Sweden, he was arrested in Sweden on November 9, 2018, and the elements of the MEK elements cooperated with the court against his father thanks to financial and media support.

He said MEK committed many crimes and Iranian people hate this group. The Swedish court gave 48 members of the MEK a chance to say whatever they wanted to accuse Hamid Nouri, his son said.

Majid Nouri stated that Albania is the central hub for MEK terrorists, and the agents of the Nouri court in Sweden traveled to Albania for two weeks to take the testimony of these elements. This behavior of the court is strange, which seeks to take testimony from anonymous people.

He stated that the court had issued a verdict based on the words of the MEK elements against Hamid Nouri, the court documents have no factual basis, and the Swedish court did not allow the real story to be told by the Nouri family.


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