Tehran (IP)- A representative of Khodabandeh, said in the open session of the parliament: "The president of Azerbaijan has made a comment about the provinces of Azerbaijan in Iran, and my advise is that he should read the Gulistan treaty to understand where it is separated from where!"

Iran PressIran News: "Therefore, these comments regarding the territorial integrity of the neighboring countries are unbecoming for the President of Azerbaijan," noted the parliament member.

In a recent statement, the president of the Republic of Azerbaijan called the provinces of Azerbaijan in the northwest of the country regions that separated from that country.

The member of parliament added: the statement of the President of Azerbaijan is unreal, if the Treaty of Gulistan had not been signed, the Republic of Azerbaijan would have been part of Iran and he would not have become the president of the country, so it is necessary for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Parliament to react to such statements because the region needs peace more than ever.

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The Treaty of Gulistan was a peace treaty concluded between the Russian Empire and Iran on 24 October 1813 in the village of Gulistan (now in the Goranboy District of Azerbaijan) as a result of the first full-scale Russo-Persian War (1804 to 1813).

The peace negotiations were precipitated by the successful storming of Lankaran by General Pyotr Kotlyarevsky on 1 January 1813.

It was the first of the series of treaties (the last being the Akhal Treaty) signed between Qajar Iran and Imperial Russia that forced Persia to cede or recognize Russian influence over the territories that formerly were part of Iran.


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