Azerbaijan Republic (IP) - The Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Baku says the country is ready to help its northern neighbors to reach a sustainable peace in the Caucasus region.

Iran PressAsia: The Armenian and Azerbaijani forces again engaged in clashes after their 44-year conflict in 2020, accusing each other of violating the ceasefire they agreed on. 

Iran's Abbas Mousavi met on Tuesday with the Special Aid to Azerbaijan's First Vice President and elaborated on the Islamic Republic's fundamental position on the issues of the Caucasus region.

Mousavi put emphasis on the fact that the internationally recognized borders must remain unchanged, and the geopolitics of the region must not be manipulated against the vital and long-term interests of Iran in the region. 

He stressed the readiness of the Islamic Republic of Iran to help its northern neighbors in order to achieve lasting peace in the form of holding bilateral and tripartite meetings in Tehran. 

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After the first war, the two countries appointed committees to demarcate the borders, but the process was going forward slowly.

The second round of the conflict came as, according to the Armenian and Azerbaijani authorities, 135 Armenian soldiers and 79 Azerbaijani soldiers were killed from September 12 to 14. 

Iran's position in this regard is clear: Protection of internationally recognized borders and territorial integrity of the countries.


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