Tehran (IP) - The spokesperson of Iran's Judiciary said in a speech related to the recent unrest in Iran that the enemy wanted to achieve their goals by promoting and multiplying violence, but the patience of the security forces resulted in the enemies' failure.

Iran PressIran News: "The enemy was trying to anger the security forces and lead them to violence, but when the security forces avoided this action, the saboteurs started killing innocent people to exploitation," Masoud Setayeshi said in a press conference on Tuesday.

He also announced the recruitment of thugs by the intelligence agencies of hostile countries. The Judiciary official also said: "Today, people and many real protesters want to punish the saboteurs. They want not to be confused with rioters."

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Security forces do not use weapons to deal with rioters

The spokesperson of the Judiciary announced that the security forces did not use weapons to deal with the rioters in the recent unrest across the country.

In response to a question about the law on the use of weapons in street protests, Massoud Satayshi said: "To me, the law may need reforms that the bodies are considering, but the use of weapons has not caused us any problems."

He added: "Of course, the security forces are not about to use weapons against the protesters. They have not used it just in cases they wanted to disperse rioters.

Regarding the recent clashes in Alborz province, he also said: "In Alborz Province, rioters martyred a Basij, and it was very unfortunate. You see how police encounter in other countries. They act firmly against criminals, but in Iran, the security forces are patient with saboteurs."

Those who created chaos in Alborz Province stole weapons and used them, most of them are in prison now, noted Setayeshi.

He also said that the judiciary intends to ask international organizations to deal with those who were inciting rioters from outside the borders of Iran.

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Iran's Judical system to pursue Hamid Nouri's rights

The spokesperson of Iran's Judiciary stressed Iran's Judicial system will pursue Hamid Nouri's rights as an Iranian citizen.

Setayeshi announced that "Wednesday is the third year of Hamid Nouri's arrest and imprisonment."

He further said: "He (Hamid Nouri) has been in solitary confinement for a thousand and one hundred days, and human rights claimants are silent."

"In the last two months, he had a conversation with his family for only five minutes," Setayeshi stated. 

 He finally noted: "We declare that as a judicial system we pursue the rights of this citizen."

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