IP- During the cultural week of Iran in Tajikistan, the Iranian art exhibition was opened in the city of Bactriaon October 31, with the presence of Iranian and Tajik officials.

Iran PressAsia:  The cultural week and the exhibition of cultural and artworks of Iranian artists started on October 31 with the presence of  Mohammad-Mehdi Esmaili , the Minister of Culture and Guidance of Iran, in Dushanbe, Khujand, and Bactria inTajikistan.

According to Iran Press News Agency, in the event, which was held with the presence of Mahmoud Salari, Deputy Minister of Culture of Iran, in the Palace of Culture of Tajikistan, works of Iranian artists were displayed.

handicraft arts, calligraphy, enamel work, carpets, and rugs, etc., were displayed.

The event will be wrapped up on Sunday, Oct. 6.


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