Tehran (IP) - The First Committee of the United Nations General Assembly approved the draft resolution proposed by Egypt regarding the need for the Israeli regime to join the Treaty on the Prohibition of the Production and Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), and place its nuclear facilities under the supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency, with a majority of 152 to 5 votes.

Iran PressMiddle East: On the other hand, the Western countries, which claim to oppose nuclear weapons and Iran's peaceful nuclear programs even under pretenses and, due to pressure from the Israeli regime, abstained from the draft proposed by Egypt, thus once again they revealed their discrimination and double approach.

The approach of Western countries towards Israel is that more than 150 countries voted in favor of the draft resolution, and two days ago, 170 countries demanded the implementation of the plan to rid the Middle East of nuclear weapons.

In this case, it can be said that one of the main and important factors of the Israeli regime's refusal to join the NPT or not to accept the International Atomic Energy Agency's regulatory safeguards was the support of Western countries, but if it were not for the supports, the Israeli regime would never have reached this stage and could not achieve atomic power. Palestine and the lands of other Arab countries were not occupied, and the Middle East also reached development and convergence under the shadow of peace.

When the Israeli regime decided to be a nuclear power, it wanted to cover up its weakness, and this was the time when the axis of resistance had not yet achieved deterrence power in the missile field, but now all areas of occupied Palestine are under the range of missiles of the resistance axis, and all nuclear facilities can be targeted in an all-out regional war.

Any ignorance regarding Israel's nuclear ambiguity policies can have irreparable consequences in such circumstances.


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