Tehran (IP) - A Saturday night fire at Evin prison has left four prisoners dead and 61 injured, the judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran announced.

Iran PressIran News: According to official news agency of Iran's judiciary, Mizan, the fire in Evin prison occurred on Saturday evening following a conflict between several prisoners in the section for financial and theft crimes convicts.

According to the report, following a clash among some prisoners of the Evin prison, a fire erupted in a workshop, prompting security and health forces to help stop the skirmish. They also helped send 70 prisoners engulfed in the fire to a safe place; however, four prisoners lost their lives, and 61 were injured.

The fire took place in an entrepreneurship workshop for training the prisoners.

Fifty-one of the injured were treated immediately, and ten others were hospitalized.

The fire extinguishing department based in prison immediately contained the fire.

The on-time presence of the Tehran prosecutor, the head of the prisons organization, as well as law enforcement, firefighters, and emergency personnel, assisted in saving the lives of more than 70 people, According to a report by IRNA.

Clashes were also reported between the prisoners and the security forces.

Last night's fires in Evin prison led to the death of 4 prisoners and injured 61 people.

Amid the incident, some prisoners unsuccessfully attempted to escape the prison.


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