The 2022 FIFA World Cup to be hosted by Qatar will reportedly cost $220 billion. It is set to be the most expensive edition of the historic tournament and almost seventeen times more expensive than Russia's 2018 World Cup.

Iran PressMiddle East: While the glamor and dazzle of the World Cup have fans excited, there is also a fair share of controversy rolling around.

As one of the most watched tournaments in the world, the eyes on FIFA World Cup attract the attention of more than just football fans. An estimated number north of one million spectators is expected to arrive in Qatar for the World Cup, Sportskeeda reported.

The World Cup has generated a lot of buzz in the months building up to the showpiece event. While some fans are in awe of the extraordinary preparation dished out by the West Asian country, others have expressed their concerns over several controversial decisions.

Expensive and scanty accommodation worries

Qatar has spent $220b in building new roads, public transport systems, hotels and other sporting facilities since being given the right to host the quadrennial event in 2010.

State-of-the-art training centers and stadiums have drawn praise from all corners of the world. However, the accommodation aspect has seemingly left a lot to be desired. With two months to go for the tournament. Qatar are reportedly still short on accommodating their estimated number of guests for the event.

As of March 2022, they only had 30,000 rooms available in hotels, 80% of which had been booed by FIFA. The hosts have made some late changes to create more space in fan villages, but the price of accommodation remains at a premium due to the shortage of space.

Currently, spectators will have to pay as much as $200 per night for a room, which will be considered expensive by most. This has led to visitors exploring options (using neighboring nations like UAE and Kuwait as bases instead).

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Most expensive World Cup

Russia's 2018 World Cup event cost $11.7b, which has been dwarfed by the $220b project in Qatar. While some fans are enjoying the extravaganza, there are those who have condemned the flashy project.


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