Moscow (IP) - The 31st Moscow International Food Exhibition was held with the presence of Iranian companies.

Iran PressEurope: Foreign and 23 Iranian companies, including several knowledge-based companies in the food industry, participated in the exhibition.

For five days, from September 19 to 23, 2022, the exhibition hosted economic activists, businessmen, and representatives of various companies and people.

The pavilion of the Islamic Republic and the stands of Iranian companies at the 31st Moscow International Food Fair have been well received by Russian economic activists. Vyacheslav Yochio, the deputy head of the business council in the Iran-Russia Chamber of Commerce, told IranPress in Moscow that the council is active in communication between Iranian and Russian businessmen and facilitates business between investors.

He also positively evaluated the 31st Moscow International Food Fair holding and added that Ira's food-producing companies have good capabilities.


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