Tehran(IP) - Islamic Republic of Iran Army Air Force (IRIAF) Commander said, "Today Iran's Army is more advanced than ever, and we assure our nation that we will respond decisively to any threat.

Iran PressIran News: The Air Force of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRIAF) has organized an exhibition to showcase its latest achievements in Tehran as the holy defense week begins. 

Hamid Vahedi, the Commander of the Air Force of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in the opening ceremony of this exhibition, referring to the holy defense week, said: "Iranians fought bravely in eight years of imposed war of Iraqi Bathist regime against Iran, so that we can live in peace today."

Vahedi added: "In addition to preserving Iran's Islamic revolution, the sacred defense also created a new culture of resistance, which should be considered.

He pointed out that the Air Force of the Islamic Republic of Iran is always committed and has proved its support for the Islamic revolution.

Referring to the self-sufficiency of the Iranian Armed Forces, he said that the air force started to repair the fighter planes during the imposed war on Iran.

He emphasized: "The Air Force has not and will not stop its efforts and tries to improve daily.

This exhibition, which is open to the public, aims to show the capabilities of the Air Force to the public.

Everyone can pay a visit from 9 am to 4 pm, from September 24 to 30.


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