Isfahan (IP)- Army Ground Forces 'Eghtedar 1401' drills were successfully held in ​​Nasrabad of Isfahan province to improve the army's readiness to deal with the new threats.

Iran Press/Iran news: Infantry, armored, artillery, air force, drone, engineering, airborne, electronic warfare units, and rapid reaction forces participated in the 'Eghtedar 1401' drills.
These units were moved from 8 provinces of Iran to the field with entirely local transport.
Moving the units to the training area is remarkable and recorded the best record in the world. In other words, in less than 48 hours, the units participating in the 'Eghtedar 1401' exercise reached the general area of ​​the drill in Isfahan from a distance of more than 700 km. 



Iran's Army conducts 'Eghtedar 1401' drill successfully