Tehran (IP) - After returning from New York, President Ebrahim Raisi told the crowd that came to Mehrabad airport to welcome him that the country does not accept violence and unrest.

Iran PressIran news: Ebrahim Raisi, who had traveled to New York to participate in the annual meeting of the United Nations General Assembly, arrived in Tehran a few hours ago.

First, he participated in a news conference and talked about the results of his trip to New York, saying: "The enemies had made efforts so that the voice of the Iranian nation would not be heard there."

He added: "According to experts and the media, the enemies failed to achieve their goals. What I have seen in recent trips is that different countries have motivation and desire for commercial cooperation with Iran."

He also appeared at Mehrabad Airport after the end of the news conference and said: "The enemies want to create riots."

He pointed out: "We hear the words and protests, but no one will accept unrest, and we will not allow safety to be jeopardized."

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