Tehran(IP)-In a statement, the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps stressed that the opponents who pretend to be the mourners for the nation are the ones who continue to encourage the enemies to take any measures against Iran.

Iran PressIran News: The Islamic Revolution Guard Corps, in a statement, appreciated the sagacity of the Iranian nation in not going along with the organized conspiracy of the enemies in recent days and emphasized: "The opponents and current of the new hypocrisy, who today apparently consider themselves to be the mourners for the nation, are the ones who continue to encourage the enemies to drive Iran to corner through the sanctions and even military attacks on the country."

Tehran Police Information Center announced on September 15th, following the publication of news about a young woman's illness after being transferred to a police headquarters: "With the news of Mahsa Amini's death in one of the police stations being published, Tehran prosecutor Ali Salehi announced the engagement of the prosecutor's office in this case and ordered the formation of a special task force to investigate its medical aspects."

According to the public relations report of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps, a part of this statement reads: "Thanks to the insight, awakening and sagacity of the nation, another instructive defeat will be added to the list of failures of the united anti-revolutionary front and the enemies of Islamic Iran."

It is stated in this statement: "The powerful police command, with the support of our dear compatriots and the cooperation of other intelligence and security forces of Iran, will add another golden leaf of pride in protecting the security and peace of the society and the people and successfully confronting the enemy's conspiracy to its record of honors."

In the statement, the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps has expressed its sympathy to the family and relatives of the late Mahsa Amini and has requested the judiciary to identify the rumor makers and liars in cyberspace who endanger the psychological security of the society and deal decisively, justly and instructively with them.


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