Africa (IP) - Followers of Ahlulbayt in the Republic of Ghana have converged at Ojo Park in Accra, where scholars delivered speeches on the Arbaeen commemorations of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein.

Iran PressAfrica: Earlier on Sunday afternoon, the mourners conducted a procession in the major streets of Accra.

In his speech to the mourners, Sheikh Abubakar Kamal Deen drew the attention of the participants to be good ambassadors of Imam Hussein through the exhibition of moral qualities and kindness to all, irrespective of their religion, gender, or color.

Imam Hussein, who is the third Imam of Shi'a, was martyred alongside his companions in the desert of Karbala by Yazid, son of Mu'awiya, in the year 61 AH. A year later, Jabir bin Abdullah Al Ansari, a loyal companion to Prophet Muhammad, marched from Medina to Karbala to visit the holy Shrine of Imam Hussein, which became the origin of the Arbaeen Trek to Karbala.


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