ISFAHAN(IP)- The Army's commander has said the Army's ground forces are ready to carry out any missions to protect the system.

Iran Press/Iran News: According to Iran Press News Agency, Major General Abdul Rahim Mousavi, commander of the Islamic Republic of Iran's Army in the area of ​Authority Drills, told reporters that the armed forces should always upgrade their day-to -day threats, with regard to training, equipment and weapons and today's trained ground forces have taken important steps to thwart the threats ahead by combining modern and innovative equipment.

The chief commander of the Army, referring to the considerable promotion of the ground forces' combat units, said: "Today, the Army's air and maritime defense, air and maritime troops are ready to carry out any missions to maintain independence, territorial integrity and to protect the sacred system of the Islamic Republic of Iran. This is achieved with the coordination, synergy, and high spirit of forces of the Islamic Republic.


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