Tehran (IP)- The Vice President and Head of the Atomic Energy Organization emphasizes that as the design and construction of nuclear power plants are the monopolies of some countries, Iran firmly intends to turn itself into a hub for designing and building nuclear power plants.

Iran PressIran news: AEOI Chief Mohammad Eslami, in response to Iran Press on the sidelines of his visit to Innovation and Prosperity Fund, said: According to the long-term defined plan, we are going to convert 20 percent of the country's energy portfolio into nuclear power.

Regarding the use of lasers and the creation of a laser technology exchange center, Mohammad Eslami pointed out: Today, lasers play a crucial role in all fields and have reached an unimaginable level.

Referring to the wide range of use and development of radiation, as Iran's nuclear chief, Eslami reminded: Radiation has many applications and effects in industry, environment, and health, which facilitate people's lives for the better.

Innovation and Prosperity Fund is the fund that supports knowledge-based companies for the commercialization of innovations and inventions, the application of knowledge and research achievements, and the completion of the product/market chain. It provides financial and credit services, including assistance, facilities, and partnerships for them. In general, the ultimate goal of a development institution is to help the country's economic prosperity through knowledge and technology. 


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