First Vice President Es'hagh Jahangiri, in the ceremony marking national health insurance day on Sunday, said Iran has taken the right steps to confront the second round of US sanctions, and the United States will have nothing new to present on 4 November.

Iran News: According to an Iran Press report, first vice president Jahangiri stressed that Iran's foreign currency reserve are at an all-time high, an amount which will surprise the US.

Jahangiri said during the past 6 months, Iran has taken proper steps to confront the second round of US sanctions against the country.

He added: "The US is going to impose sanctions against Iranians next week wile it will have no new work to do against Iran on November 4."

The first vice president said the aim of the US government is to pressure Iran. After  withdrawal from the  JCPOA, US wanted to pressure Iran through imposition of further sanctions.

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"With the government's plannings and mechanisms which has been considered to control the country, Americans will not be able to stop Iran's oil exports at all" Jahangiri added.

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The US will impose fresh sanctions targeting Iranian banks, financial sector, and oil and gas industry on 4 November.

The National Health Insurance Day celebrated at the conference centre of IRIB (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting) with the presence of Es'hagh Jahangiri, First Vice President and Hasan Ghazizadeh Hashemi, Minister of Health and also A group of MPs.

At the event, a comprehensive report on the level of services, the latest changes in the health insurance coverage of Iran and the process of payment of health insurance debts over the past year have been presented.

President Hassan Rouhani earlier said. US unilateral sanctions is a form of economic terrorism

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