Tehran (IP) - Referring to the event in which the Iranian Navy's Jamaran destroyer seized two US maritime drones in the Red Sea, Iran Foreign Ministry spokesman said that the United States should try not to threaten international waterways.

Iran PressIran News: The Iranian Navy’s Jamaran destroyer seized two American maritime drones and then released them in a safe area in the Red Sea to prevent naval accidents.

The destroyer encountered the “data collecting” vessels during a routine operation aimed at securing shipping routes and confronting piracy and maritime terrorism, the Navy said in a statement on Thursday.

A new report claimed Iran had removed the cameras from two American sea drones it seized and released in the Red Sea on Friday. 

In his weekly presser, Nasser Kanani rejected America's claim, saying: "Iran is present in international waters, and Iranian ships travel on transit routes."

He emphasized: "No country has the right to threaten shipping routes."

Kanaani added: "What happened was a provocative and unprincipled action, and in this regard, Iran has taken a step to remove the threat and freed the vessels in the safe zone."


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