An Iranian researcher and assistant professor at Sharif Poly Technique University won the world’s best young scientist award (CHEMOLAB 2022) in chemometrics.

Iran PressIran news: The 18th Chemometrics in Analytical Chemistry (CAC) international conference,2022, was held in Italy, It is the world’s most valuable conference in chemometrics.

The award was given to the Iranian scientist because of his innovation in developing new chemometrics methods to analyze complex data obtained from the new generation of chromatography.

Chromatography is quite important in obtaining information from biological, oil, environment, and food systems.

The award is given every two years to a successful and outstanding researcher younger than 40 years of age who has contributed significantly to the development of chemometrics in the last 5 years.

This prestigious award was established to stimulate the careers of young scientists by recognizing noteworthy accomplishments in the field.  219

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