Tehran (IP) – Iran's President says adherence to ethical codes is effective in decreasing administrative violations.

Iran PressIran News: Iran's Ebrahim Raisi said at the Shahid Rajai Festival that the more the ethical and professional codes were observed in the country's offices, the more effective will be the reduction of administrative violations and the more increase administrative efficiency. 

Raisi added that in Iran's administrative system, responsibility was defined in four areas; responsibility to Allah (God), the public, the client, and the administrative hierarchy.

He then stressed a self-control strategy as a way to increase the productivity of the staff in the administrative offices across the country.

President Raisi referred to Imam Ali's (AS) Nahjul Balahagha teachings and said that 'trust' and 'control' were key to the administrative system of the country.

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By trust, he meant that the staff working in the system must be selected from among the most trusted people, and by control, he meant that the selected people must always be supervised.

The president said that the most efficient administrative system was the one in which the staff practiced self-control that is, they must adhere to observing the law and ethical codes and be committed to responding to clients appropriately.

He made the remarks on Wednesday at the Shahid Rajai Festival, where a number of the selected persons at the administrative event were appreciated.


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