Tehran(IP)- Attending his first news conference with correspondents from around the world to discuss the latest developments in Iran since he became Iran's eighth president in August 2021 and shaped the government, the Iranian president said that his cabinet had been determined to fight against corruption as well as following on people-orientation roadmap.

Iran PressIran news: Ebrahim Raisi, at the beginning of the press conference, honoring the memory of the martyrs of the Islamic Revolution, especially the martyrs of the government and the martyr General Qasem Soleimani, said, " In the last one year, we tried, and the first change of approach that we emphasized was to pay attention to the people's wishes and to be present among the people, and the emphasis of administration is to always be with the people, to be present in 31 provinces and more than 50 cities and villages have been done in line with this view. 

Attending labor, agriculture, education, and other events has been in this direction, and those who criticized what is the fruit of this presence among the people and were worried about it, have not tasted the experience of being among the people and its joy."

At the beginning of the presser, Iran's President, Ebrahim Raisi, said: In the past year since I took office, I was able to serve the people, and despite the problems and issues that I will mention, God has always helped us.

While appreciating the people's cooperation: "In the elections, I raised some issues. In the past year, we followed an approach, and based on that, we tried to show the people's government and experience being with the people.

"We have made 31 provincial trips during a year," he added."Our second approach was justice-centered, and the budget in the current fiscal year was distributed based on justice-centered.

Corrupt structures in the government must be reformed

Raisi said: "We managed to reform the corrupt structure and deal with people who contaminate our administrative system with unhealthy relationships and bribery, and the supervision of the organization and external organizations has been active.

He stressed: "The issue of corruption, whether corrupt structures and privileges that fill the pockets of some people and spread injustice must be dealt with, and we believe that these structures should be reformed."



Fighting corruption has been one of the other serious decisions of the administration. He called the third approach convergence and synergy of different bodies of the country.

Raisi added: "The issue of convergence and synergy between different institutions is also considered in the administration. We also emphasize that the administration should not get caught in unnecessary issues. We have witnessed this in some previous administrations, but we have always been stressed in the administration that the unnecessary issues should not distract us from the important issues, which is to serve the people."

He stated that diligent movement to advance the affairs of the country is one of the emphases of the administration, adding that despite the existence of obstacles, we must remove those obstacles and know that according to the revolutionary leadership, there is no problem in the country that cannot be solved.

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The fourth approach is diligent management in the government. Endogenous and production to solve the problems and not waiting for others to solve our problems was another priority.

He stated that diligent movement to advance the affairs of the country is one of the emphases of the administration, adding that despite the existence of obstacles, we must remove those obstacles and know that according to the revolutionary leadership, there is no problem in the country that cannot be solved.

Raisi said: "We tried to solve the country's problems by an endogenous view, because looking at the hands of foreigners does not solve a problem and this kind of look only delays us, endogenous view and what we have at our disposal is important.

Domestic capacities must be used therefore, the issue of production is one of the most central points of the administration. We believe that we should pay attention to the internal capacities and reliance on the country's forces and not wait for the change of the views of foreigners like some administrations.



"We must use the abilities of local forces to solve the country's problems. Breaking the monopoly of management in the country and attracting young and efficient managers was another approach of the administration. Another approach is the administration's responsibility and decision-making, not delaying the country's conditions", Raisi pointed out to the reporters.

Iran to announce membership of SCO in Uzbekistan

In response to a question by Xinhua correspondent Ebrahim Raisi said on Monday that the membership of Iran in SCO requires that the documents approved in Shanghai are reviewed and confirmed by the Islamic Republic. 

Raisi stressed that Iran-China ties must never be influenced by what was going on in the international sphere, noting that the relations between Tehran and Beijing were fully independent.

He said that the ties existed in various areas, especially commercial and economic areas, and should be further expanded.

The president referred to the 25-year agreement between Iran and China: "We are determined to implement the 25-year comprehensive plan that has been signed and in line with the many cooperation we have so far had with China."


 Regarding the full membership of Iran in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the development of relations between Iran and China and other countries, the President said: "Our presence is very important in Shanghai and our cooperation with the member states of Shanghai, and it connects us with the infrastructure of Asia and the economic infrastructure, and it is very important for our country to be able to have its share of trade and economy in the region."

He added: Our presence in the region is creating security. To the extent that the presence of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the region has been able to create security in the region, our economic role is not to that extent, and we must do this amount for economic and commercial work, which is one of the fields and platforms that can be very effective for the relations of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iran, China to promote relations

The president noted: "Iran has had many cooperation with China and we are determined to promote it and the relationship with China and we will not affect it by international issues and other issues, especially in the commercial and economic sphere, these relations should be developed."

Raisi stated: "This is a completely independent relationship between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the People's Republic of China, which exists in various areas, especially the commercial and economic areas between the two countries, and must be developed, and the two countries are determined that this relationship develop."

The president stated: "Regarding the relationship with Shanghai, we became a member of Shanghai in the last meeting that was held on Monday, but this membership has preliminary conditions, which are the documents that were approved in Shanghai before our membership, and these documents should be taken into consideration by the Islamic Republic of Iran and the documents should be approved by our country."

The president stressed: "These documents have been reviewed and will be announced at the new summit that will be held in Uzbekistan. We have reviewed the documents, actions have been taken on the items that need to be approved, and this membership will be announced there more officially than before. Of course, there was a membership before, but the membership was deferred until these documents were reviewed."

Raisi said: "In our view, our membership in Shanghai and ECO and international cooperation, especially communication with neighbors, are very important. We are seeking balance in our relations with all countries, and this balance is always on our foreign policy agenda, especially towards neighboring countries and friendly countries."



 Saying that field management is different from management from office, the President said: "It is different if a person sits behind a desk and manages sitting down or if he is present in the ground, being with the people and feeling the people's problems closely is an important approach and is a principle.

The president pointed out the difference between field management and management from the office and said: "It is different if a person sits behind a desk and manages sitting or if he is present on the ground, being with the people and feeling the people's problems closely is one approach and principle and knowing the problem and solving it and following people's problems are also together."



He also stated that the approach of this administration in the last year since now is justice-orientation and said: "Our budget has been adjusted based on justice and attention has been paid to the territorial development, and it has been emphasized in the recruitment of human resources, payments and the employment of people that it must have an attachment to justice. The issue of justice should be directed towards all actions and by pointing out specific cases, we should go towards observing justice."



In response to a question about Iran's approach to the sanctions, Ebrahim Rasi said in a press conference on Monday that Iran simultaneously pursued neutralization and removal of the West's sanctions. 

Raisi recalled: "We did not recognize the sanctions aimed to restrict us, and the amount of exports shows that we did not recognize the restriction."

He put emphasis on the increase of the oil and non-oil exports and said Iran was pursuing to revive its assets blocked by the US allies, noting that part of the was realized. 

President Raisi referred to the JCPOA talks and recalled that Iran never left the negotiations, but it was the Western parties that ignored to adhere to their commitments to the international deal. 

He reiterated that the sanctions must be permanently lifted, with the necessary verifications being ensured for Iran. 

Meeting with Biden, unuseful: Raisi


 The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also stressed that there would be no benefit in his meeting with the US President.

In response to a question about Iran's president's contact with US President Biden, Ebrahim Raisi reiterated on Monday that he would have no plan to visit the US President in the next meeting of the UN's General Assembly.

"In the previous meeting, I said no, I will repeat it again, no. There will be no benefit for Iran and the Iranian nation in [my] visiting with him."

Arab countries' ties with Israel betrayal of Palestine: Pres. Raisi

 The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran stressed that the Arab states' normalization of ties with the Israeli regime was the states' leaders' betrayal of the Palestinian nation.



In response to a question by the Yemeni Al-Masirah TV's correspondent about the Red Sea littoral states' leaders' normalization of ties with the regime, Ebrahim Raisi stressed that the ties the counters developed with the Israeli regime could not ensure their security. 

The states never could justify the Israeli regime's massacre of the Palestinian people, Raisi pointed out.  


He then highlighted the ceasefire in Yemen and noted that Iran advocated any ceasefire that could protect the Yemeni nation and lift the Saudi blockade on them.

The Iranian president stressed a Yemeni-Yemeni solution to the crisis going on in the country, where no foreign element must be allowed to intervene. 

The president of Iran says the Islamic Republic has strategic cooperation with Russia in the economy, trade, energy, and aerospace.

Saudis' commitment paves way for the next negotiations

With regard to Iran's ties with the neighboring countries, including Saudi Arabia, Ebrahim Raisi told reporters at his press conference on Monday that 5 rounds of talks have been held between Iran and Saudi Arabia in Iraq, so far. 

Raisi said Iran's negotiation with its neighbors was intraregional and would certainly be pursued without the intervention of foreign elements.  

He recalled: "We consider the presence of the foreigners in the region problematic rather than security-generating. We have stated time and again that the presence of the US [in the region] just jeopardizes the security and we have stressed the issue to our neighbors."

Strengthening Iran-Russia relations is necessary to confront the West

Continuing his press conference and in response to the question of how important it is to strengthen relations between Iran and Russia to confront the West, President Ebrahim Raisi said: "Cooperation with Russia is strategic and we cooperate in the fields of economy, trade, energy, aerospace, and it is developing day by day."

"The north-south corridor is on the agenda and will be followed up until it reaches a conclusion," the Iranian president said.

"The investments we have in the field of energy are on track, some cases have been implemented," he added.

"This cooperation will continue, and there is a comprehensive cooperation plan, the initial versions of which have been exchanged and are being finalized," Raisi concluded.


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