Iranian President:

Tehran (IP) - Honoring the memory of martyrs Raja'ee and Bahonar and the occasion of Government Week, Iran's President described increasing the trust and hope of the people in the administration as the most important task and achievement of the government, stating that any words or actions that cause disappointment and decrease the trust of the people are the red line of the current government.

Iran PressIran News: Speaking at the cabinet session on Wednesday morning, Ebrahim Raisi described Government Week as a good opportunity to present the report of actions and performances to the people, as well as an opportunity to evaluate the yearly services and performance of the ministries and executive bodies and said: "Being among the people and with the people is the characteristic of this government; the people should be informed about the actions taken."

The President noted, "One of the important criteria for the Popular Administration is to restore people's trust and all efforts and actions should be aimed at serving the people and solving problems and maintaining and strengthening people's hope."

Raisi described any words or actions that cause disappointment and decrease the trust of the people as a red line of the Popular Administration and noted, "One must not make people concerned by publishing some undocumented reports in the media and all the colleagues of the government should try to solve inter-institutional issues immediately and inform people of the results of the actions taken."

Referring to last year's advice of the Leader of Iran's Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, the President pointed out, "The ministers and managers of institutions should put the efficiency and use of revolutionary and elite human resources in the implementation of the country's development plans at the top of their actions."

Raisi also referred to the report of the Minister of Energy on the latest status of drinking water supply in some provinces and the measures taken in this regard and emphasized the need to follow up on the issue and provide sustainable drinking water to people in provinces that have problems.

In another part of his remarks, referring to the occasion of Doctor's Day and congratulating the health actors on this day, the President thanked the medical staff of the country, including doctors, nurses, and all those who work for people's health.


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