Tehran (IP) - The Leader of Iran's Islamic Revolution, in his first meeting with the cabinet members, has advised the administration to use every opportunity to serve the nation.

Iran PressIran news: In a meeting with President Ebrahim Raisi and the cabinet members, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said on Saturday morning: "I had a recommendation to all officials in different periods. I also offer you this advice, time is passing fast."

The Leader addressed the participants, highlighting: "These four years will end soon, so use every opportunity, every hour. Do not let time be wasted when it belongs to the people and to Islam, and use all the facilities at your disposal."

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution also referred to the Government Week and said: "The Government Week is decorated with the names of Martyr Rajaei and Martyr Bahonar. That is to say, it is decorated with the memory of martyrdom and the names of martyrs. May God have mercy on these two great, noble, active men. They really intended to serve, although their time was short, they showed that they entered this scene sincerely and intend to serve, and their method was Islamic, people-oriented, and diligently. This is a lesson for all those who are in charge."

Ayatollah Khamenei addressed the cabinet members, stating: "During your tenure and responsibility, focus your efforts so that a revolutionary and, of course, rational and thoughtful reconstruction occurs in all areas of management, God willing."

The Leader underscored: "Being a revolutionary figure must be accompanied by rationality. This has been the correct method of the Islamic Republic of Iran from the beginning until today so the revolutionary move must be accompanied by a thoughtful and rational movement."

Leader: Officials must be people-oriented in manner, character

Ayatollah Khamenei highlighted, "One of the manifestations of being people-oriented is going among the people and listening directly to the people's concerns. This very good and commendable move that Mr. Raisi made yesterday when he went to Khuzestan and among the people, listening to them, talked to them, this is a manifestation of being people-oriented, which is a very good thing."

Another manifestation of being people-oriented is the issue of adopting a people-oriented lifestyle. Behaving benevolently in matters, in manners and character, avoiding aristocratic behaviors and the like. This is another manifestation of being a people-oriented who should avoid these aristocratic behaviors, which are common in all governments, responsibilities, and among the officials in the world, and look at people in this way of life, the Leader noted elsewhere.

Ayatollah Khamenei addressed the cabinet and underscored, "Raise your issues with people. Sometimes there is a problem or there is a solution, but try not to make people disappointed. Some ignore this point and say inappropriate and untrue words that frustrate people. Every problem has a solution, talk to people, ask people for help, in both cases, both intellectual and practical help.

Leader: Restoring people's trust, hope very significant

Ayatollah Khamenei pointed out: "The basis of the Islamic government and the Islamic Republic is the establishment of justice. As if the basis of all religions is the establishment of justice. God Almighty says that we sent the prophets, we sent the heavenly books the people may maintain justice.

The Leader made the remark: "In general, for the people to rise for justice, the society should be a just society. Well, we have a lot of work to do in these areas. We are left behind. We have to work hard. In my opinion, every ratification that you pass, every bill that you draft in the government, every directive that you issue in your own ministry, should have an appendix for promoting justice. You have to be careful that this method, this work, this order does not undermine justice and does not trample on the oppressed classes.

Elsewhere the Leader underlined: "The issue of restoring the people's trust and hope is very important. Because people's trust is the biggest asset of the administration. People will help you when they trust you. This is the biggest asset for an administration that can gain the trust of the people, which, of course, is, unfortunately, a bit damaged, you have to restore this, and the solution is that the words and practices of the officials to be the same.

Leader: Demand of current US administration is the same as the demand of Trump

Ayatollah Khamenei has said that the current US administration is no different from the previous administration. Their demand is the same as ex-president Trump's demand and it has not made any difference. Behind the scenes of American foreign policy is a predatory wolf that sometimes turns into a cunning fox. An example is the current situation in Afghanistan.

The Americans stalled the talks for a long time and did not act. The current US administration is no different from the previous administration. Their demand is the same as Trump's demand and it has not made any difference. In fairness, behind the scenes of American foreign policy is a predatory wolf that sometimes turns into a cunning fox. An example is the current situation in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is our brother with the same religion and culture. The tragedies of Afghanistan deeply affect human beings. This is the work of the United States, these are the hardships they are going through, these events that are happening constantly, the success of this incident on Thursday, these killings are all the work of the United States.

They occupied this country for 20 years and inflicted all kinds of oppression on them. They bombed the wedding and mourning ceremonies. Elements were imprisoned. The increased drug production dozens of times. They did not take a single step for the civil and economic development of Afghanistan. Afghanistan is further back. In any case, we are supporting the Afghan people. Governments change during the time. What remains are the people of Afghanistan. And the nature of our relationship with governments depends on the nature of their relationship with us. God willing, the situation of the Afghan people will be the best, the Leader stated.

"Our mobility in the field of diplomacy must increase and double. The economic aspect of diplomacy must be strengthened. That is, economic diplomacy is a very important thing. 

Diplomacy should not be influenced by the nuclear issue either. That is, it should not be the case that the country's diplomacy is linked to the nuclear issue. The nuclear issue is a separate issue that needs to be resolved in a way that suits the country, but diplomacy is much broader in scope.


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