Moscow(IP) - The Minister of Industry, Mines, and Trade said upon his arrival in Moscow that joint cooperation between Iran and Russia is going to be expanded in the field of shipbuilding, aviation, and automobile industries.

Iran PressEurope: The international exhibition of automobiles, parts, spare parts and related industries, known as "Automobility 2022" started on Monday, August 22, with the presence of Iran and hundreds of international companies in the permanent exhibition center of Moscow, and the Iranian pavilion opened with the presence of the Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade and Russian authorities.



According to Iran Press Reza Fatemi Amin, the Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade, who traveled to Russia to participate in the Russian automobile exhibition and to sign economic agreements with this country, said: "The relations between Iran and Russia have been growing in the past years and in the last year, this growth is more evident and has entered newer phases.

Pointing to the beginning of the export of gas turbines and technological products to Russia, Fatemi Amin announced the possibility of signing economic memorandums in Russia and said: "Several issues will be pursued during this trip, the most important of which is the beginning of joint cooperation in the field of shipbuilding industries., aviation and automobile industry."

The Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade also pointed out the presence of 50 Iranian companies in the Russian International Automobile Industry Exhibition and added:

"With the plans made in recent months, efforts were made to establish joint cooperation between Iranian and Russian companies that are active in this field."

Fatemi Amin pointed out the stability of production in Iran's automobile industry and said: "With the elimination of the problems of the previous years, automobile production has reached the necessary stability, and two Iranian automobile models, Tara and Shahin, will be presented at the Russian exhibition."

Fatemi Amin added: "There are many capacities in the field of industrial cooperation between the two countries and how to use these capacities will be examined in this trip."

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