Tehran (IP) - The Iranian government spokesman emphasized that the construction of three more versions of the Khayyam satellite with the contribution of Iranian scientists is on the agenda of the government.

Iran PressIran Science: Khayyam 2, 3 and 4 satellites are also supposed to be built in Iran with the cooperation of Russia.

In a joint cooperation with Russia, the Iranian satellite "Khayyam" was launched from Baikonur Space Station in Kazakhstan by a Soyuz satellite Carrier and placed in the earth's orbit on Tuesday.

Ali Bahadori-Jahormi, the spokesperson of the Iranian government, wrote on his Twitter account: "The stabilization of the Khayyam satellite was done successfully."

Bahadri-Jahormi further wrote that Iranian knowledge-based companies will use Khayyam's images and data in various fields.

Khayyam satellite is an important step for providing satellite data and developing the applications of the space industry in Iran.

Furthermore; this satellite, which is owned by the Iran Space Agency (ISA), will be a suitable infrastructure for the smartening of different parts of the country, with accurate sensors in different spectrums.

The data, received from the Khayyam satellite, will be used in improving productivity in the field of agriculture, careful monitoring of Iran's water resources, managing natural hazards, monitoring changes in land use, unauthorized constructions and dealing with deforestation, monitoring environmental hazards, monitoring mines and discoveries as well as mining, monitoring Iran's borders.


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