Tehran(IP) - People of the capital of Iran gathered to protest the recent attacks by the Israeli regime against the Palestinians.

Iran Press/Iran news: From Friday to Sunday night, Israel waged an aerial bombardment in Gaza and martyred 45 people, including 16 children and more than 360 people wounded in the attacks.

Finally, Islamic Jihad's continuous rocket attacks forced the Israel regime to accept the ceasefire agreement.

The people of Tehran gathered in Palestine Square on Tuesday afternoon to support the oppressed Palestinian people and denounce the crimes committed by the Israeli regime against the people of Palestine.

The presence of different classes, clergy, students, men, women, children, and teenagers can be seen in the gathering.

Khaled Qadoumi, the representative of the Hamas Movement in Tehran, was the main speaker at the event.

The deputy army commander, Ali Fadavi, also gave a speech at the ceremony.


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