Tehran (IP)- In commemorating the Day of Islamic Human Rights and Human Dignity, High Council for Human Rights (HCHR) in Iran stressed that the Islamic Human Rights discourse prepares the opportunity of living a better and more peaceful life coexistence for all people.

Iran PressIran news: On the anniversary of the 'Islamic Human Rights Declaration' approved on August 5, 2008, Iran's Human Rights Staff issued a statement today, Friday.   

Iran said in the statement that protecting, implementing, and elevating human rights was one of the world's leading challenges because global developments show that human dignity is at stake in the world more than ever. 

The statement mentioned poverty, climatic and environmental hazards, political, cultural, and economic domination-seeking, war and massacre of innocent people, mainly civilians, imposition of cruel sanctions by the global hegemony, and support for terrorist groups among the essential threats targeting the peace in the world, the number of which was increasing every day.

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The statement noted that the West always was trying to impose its values, such as secularism and liberalism, on the world by ignoring the culture of other countries, including the Islamic nations, pointing out that Islamic Human Rights stood against the West's cultural and political hegemony.

It called on all people to make their all-out efforts to realize a society committed to human rights and dignity and a world full of peace, security, and justice. 

At the proposal of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 2008, the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) approved the adoption of the Islamic Declaration of Human Rights, and the day August 5 was known as the day of 'Islamic Human Rights and Human Dignity.' 


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