The CEO of IRIB World Service said the dialogue of Islamic Revolution is the mainstay and central component of IRIB World Service products.

Iran PressIran news: Speaking at a ceremony to unveil the top documentaries of Sahar Universal Network, Peyman Jebelli said: "Based on this dialogue, the wide front of Islamic revolution has been formed."

According to Iran Press, Jebelli said, this dialogue is in defence of humanity, in defence of the oppressed peoples of this world, and it also challenges the tyrants of this world.

He also said: "Islamic Revolution's role-model in last forty years has been Imam Hossein's movement, and Imam Hossein's lesson of liberation."

The CEO of IRIB's World Service added: "The honour of the Islamic Revolution in defending oppressed Palestinians has become a brand for the Iranian people during the past forty years."

Jebelli underlined protecting the Palestinian people is not only a duty for the Islamic Republic, but also a moral duty for all of the world.

Pointing out that the philosophy of defending the Palestinian people is in principle the defense of humanity, Jebelli said: "When we support the innocent Palestinians, in fact we are defending ourselves."


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