Tehran (IP) - The Parliamentarians have elected three legal members of the Guardian Council for six years.

Iran PressIran News: The Parliamentarians have elected three jurists of the Guardian Council during its open session, so, out of 254 votes, Abbas Ali Kadkhodaei got 182, Siamak Rahe Peik 116, and Khairullah Parveen 149 votes.

The Constitutional Council — also known as the Guardian Council — is a body of Islamic and legal jurists that acts in many ways as a Supreme Court.

Half of the body’s 12 members are legal jurists. They are nominated by the head of the Iranian Parliament and put to vote the Parliament, while the rest are specialists in Islamic law, and are appointed by the country’s highest-ranking authority, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution.

Membership in the Council is for phased six-year terms, which means half the membership changes every three years at random.


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