Yemen (IP) - The Defense minister of Yemen's National Salvation Government says that the Israeli regime has become so miserable that it resorted to the Saudi-led coalition for help.

Iran PressMiddle East:  The Yemeni people have witnessed an all-out war waged by the Saudi-led collation against them since March 26, 2015. The war backed by the US and some European countries has left more than 100,000 Yemeni people killed, hundreds of thousands wounded, and about 4 million displaced. 

Mohammed Nasser al-Atifi said on Sunday plots against Yemen were developed by the Saudi coalition to serve the Israeli regime. 

He said they invaded Yemen to occupy the country, humiliated the Yemeni people, and looted their wealth. 

The Yemeni sources reported satellite images showing the UAE and Israeli regime were constructing a joint military base on Mayyun Island in Yemen.

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