Meeting in the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York, the presidents of Iran, Bolivia and Cuba stressed the need for combating global terrorism, and to oppose the unilateralism of US government.

Iran Press/America: Independent countries must stand together more than ever to resist against bullying and foreign interference,said Hassan Rouhani, president of the Islamic Republic of Iran, speaking with Evo Morales his Bolivian counterpart on the margins of United Nations General Assembly, UNGA, in New York on Monday, according to the official website of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

“The Iranian nation will always stand by its friends firmly and support them in all fields” said Rouhani emphasising that the Islamic Republic of Iran is determined to develop its relations with Latin American countries, particularly Bolivia, in economic, medical, scientific and technological fields.

President Rouhani also said resistance of the two Iranian and Bolivian nations vis-a-vis American interference and unilateralism as well as maintaining national independence and dignity is so important for Iran.

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Pointing out the unilateral and illegal withdrawal of the United States from the nuclear agreement, the Iranian president noted, "The international community must stand firmly against this violation of agreements by America".

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Calling for stronger Tehran-La Paz ties, president Rouhani said: "Today, the international community, with the exception of a few countries, has taken a decisive stance against this American action, and we should try to show that those who violate international laws will never be approved by world public opinion”.

The president also thanked Bolivian government and people for their sympathy with the Iranian people over the Ahwaz terrorist attack, saying that there are no terrorist groups in the region not backed by America.

“Many terrorist groups in the region are sponsored and backed by Americans both financially and with weapons,” he continued.

The president noted, “If friendly countries cooperate and take a common path in combating terrorism, they can achieve good results in terms of security and welfare of the nations”.

For his part, Bolivian president Evo Morales, expressed his condolences and sympathy with the Iranian nation with regards to the Ahwaz terrorist attack, pointing out that the two nations of Iran and Bolivia are on the same path, fighting for freedom.

Emphasizing the necessity of developing relations and cooperation between the two countries, he said, “Iran and Bolivia are strategic partners in working for the interests of their respective peoples and for the wider humanity”.

Pointing out the positive cooperation between the two countries' private sectors in various fields of economy, scientific cooperation, health, medicine and food, Bolivian president called for more cooperation in other sectors between the two countries.

President Morales also went on to refer to US actions against Iran and unilateral withdrawal from the nuclear agreement, and said, "Americans are always seeking to interfere in the affairs of independent countries that have plenty of natural and human resources, so we will announce our resolute positions in support of Iran in the United Nations Security Council, UNSC.

In another meeting on the same day with Cuban President, Miguel Díaz-Canel, Rouhani also pointed to the importance of trying to develop and strengthen cooperation between Iran and Cuba, and said: “We should use the potentials available in both countries for more prosperity and development of relations between Tehran and Havana in various sectors, including pharmaceutical technologies and vaccine production, which we should try to cement”.

Hassan Rouhani congratulated Canel's  election as President of the country and appreciated the sympathy of the Cuban government and people with Iranian people over the Ahwaz terrorist attack, said: “Cuba has always been considered a revolutionary country in the minds of the Iranian nation, and two nations have always fought with imperialism and unilateralism”.

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Pointing out that the US government has violated its agreements with Cuba over the past years like its other agreements, the president said: "They have also withdrawn from Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, JCPOA , in violation of international regulations".

Referring to the fact that today's terrorist groups are unfortunately supported by countries that claim to be countering terrorism, Rouhani said: "Combating global terrorism is one of the important and common goals of the two countries in their relations and cooperation".

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel also expressed condolences and sympathy of the Cuban government and people to the people of Iran for the Ahwaz terrorist attack, emphasising the need to try to develop and strengthen Tehran-Havana all-inclusive relations.

He continued: “Developing relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran is one of Cuba's most important principles in foreign policy and the strong recommendation of the late leader of the country, Fidel Castro”.

He also hailed the intelligence and determination of the Iranian government in negotiations with the 5+1 countries (Iran Nuclear Talks), adding: "America's withdrawal from the nuclear deal is going backwards and a great danger to international agreements and security in the region".

Cuban President stressed the need to combat unilateralism of the US government, saying: "We should work harder than before to develop and strengthen relations and cooperation between the two countries, especially in economic, medical and technological sectors”.

President Rouhani is scheduled to deliver a speech at UNGA on Tuesday, 25 September.

He returns home on September 26 (Wednesday) at the end of his 4-day stay in New York.

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