Sep 25, 2018 07:07 Asia/Tehran

In a meeting with Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund Christine Lagarde, President Hassan Rouhani stressed that Iran is willing to deepen its relations with financial institutions, especially the IMF, and benefit from the fund’s advice.

Iran Press- Iran/  According to the official website of Iran's Presidency, at the meeting that was held on Monday in New York,  Rouhani described the US sanctions against Iran illegal and contrary to international laws and stressed the need for international financial institutions to support Tehran against this illegal US action.

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Rouhani also described the US embargo against Iran illegal and contrary to international laws and stressed the need for international financial institutions to support Tehran against this illegal US action.

Stressing that the International Monetary Fund's primary responsibility is to protect its members against unlawful invasions and banking and monetary sanctions, the President said: “The IMF should demonstrate that it can play its part in the economic stability of a member, and I hope that it can take a positive step in this regard”.

Rouhani also referred to the condolences of the IMF Managing Director for Ahwaz terrorist attack and said: "Iranians have had so many victims in terrorist attacks so far, and the countries of the region are continuously suffering from terrorism and terrorists".

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At the beginning of the meeting, the IMF Managing Director offered her condolences to the Iranian nation and government on the martyrdom of a number of Iranians in the Ahwaz terrorist attack, and said: "The mission of the International Monetary Fund is to maintain financial stability and economic growth in the world".

Lagarde also said that the fund would continue its cooperation with Iran and continue its work in this field.

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani left Tehran for New York on Sunday morning to attend the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) annual meeting.

The United Nations General Assembly annual meetings, which are held regularly in New York in September, are the biggest political gathering in the world in which dozens of world leaders take part and address the meetings on the most critical national and international issues.

Since taking office in Aug 2013, President Rouhani has attended regularly the previous meetings of the UN General Assembly.

Also, the five remaining parties to the agreement - Britain, China, France, Germany and Russia - announced Monday plans to keep business ties alive with Iran, staring down Washington's move to impose sanctions.

After a late meeting on Monday, EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini announced that a new legal entity would be set up to preserve oil and other business links with Iran.

"This will mean that EU member-states will set up a legal entity to facilitate legitimate financial transactions with Iran and this will allow European companies to continue to trade with Iran," Mogherini told reporters.

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