Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman strongly denounced the IAEA BoG resolution and said, "The initiators are responsible for the consequences. Iran's response is firm and proportionate".

Iran PressIran news: The proposed US-European troika resolution against Iran was adopted Wednesday at a quarterly meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Board of Governors.

This is the second anti-Iranian resolution issued under pressure by Israeli by the International IAEA BoG after the implementation of the JCPOA. 

In a tweet early Thursday, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh strongly condemned the resolution by the International Atomic Energy Agency's Board of Governors against Iran's peaceful nuclear energy and said that US-E3 put their shortsighted agenda ahead of IAEA's credibility.

"US-E3 put their shortsighted agenda ahead of IAEA's credibility by pushing a miscalculated & ill-advised Res. against a country w/ the world's most transparent peaceful nuclear program," Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh tweeted early Thursday.

He warned, "The initiators are responsible for the consequences. Iran's response is firm & proportionate,".

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A Foreign Ministry statement also denounced the "non-constructive approach" of the IAEA, saying the Islamic Republic "has taken practical quid pro quo steps which include installing advanced centrifuges and deactivating cameras operating outside the Safeguards Agreement.

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The resolution, proposed by the US, Germany, France, and Britain, was approved late Wednesday with 30 votes in favor, two against, and three abstentions.

The trigger for the latest Western move was a report issued by the IAEA after Grossi made a controversial visit to Israel and met the regime's leaders late last month. The agency has been on the receiving end of documents supplied by Israel about Iran's nuclear program, which Tehran has rejected as fake and fabricated by MKO terrorists.

The Foreign Ministry statement denounced the resolution as a "political, wrongful and unconstructive act" against a country that "currently has one of the most transparent peaceful nuclear programs among the IAEA members."


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