Kabul (IP) - The international exhibition 'New Spring' is being held in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, with the participation of Iranian companies.

Iran PressAsia: The New Spring International Exhibition kicked off on Sunday evening with the participation of Taliban government officials to introduce Afghanistan's industrial and economic needs and the importance of investment in the country.

"Iran is ready to cooperate for the economic development of Afghanistan," Hassan Shirzadi, economic adviser at the embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Kabul, said at the opening ceremony of the New Spring International Exhibition.

Shirzadi also told Iran Press on the sidelines of the New Spring International Exhibition that the presence Afghan migrants in Iran in the last decades and the recognition of Iranian services and products is the best capacity to use these products in Afghanistan.

The economic advisor of the Iranian embassy in Kabul stated that Afghan migrants travel to Iran and get acquainted with Iranian industrial machines, and using them is easier for Afghans and they are willing to buy these products.

The economic adviser of the Iranian embassy in Kabul also noted that Iran is ready to supply the raw materials needed by the industrial and economic sector of Afghanistan and will continue its cooperation for the industrial development of Afghanistan.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has always stood by the people of Afghanistan and supported them in difficult circumstances.

With the beginning of a new political era in Afghanistan, Iran has not spared no effort to the Afghan people and at the same time has continued to work with the Taliban government for economic development in the shadow of security.


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