European Union negotiators failed to reach a deal on an embargo of Russian oil but will continue attempts to reach an accord before the beginning of an EU summit starting on May 30, an EU official said.

Iran PressEurope: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy is scheduled to address the summit through a video link to press efforts to intensify sanctions against Moscow to punish it for its invasion of his country.

EU countries are discussing a proposal in which member nations would accept a ban on Russian oil delivered to the EU by sea by the end of the year.

Exemptions would be given to countries -- Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic -- receiving oil via the 4,000-kilometer long Russian Druzhba pipeline.

Bloomberg, citing sources familiar with the talks, reported that Hungary was so far refusing to back the compromise.

Russia last year received some $86 billion from its total oil exports.

EU leaders will meet on May 30-31 to discuss possible new sanctions against Moscow, including an oil embargo, to punish it for its full-scale invasion of Ukraine.


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