Hormozgan (IP)- The IRGC navy seized a vessel carrying 42,000 liters of smuggled fuel in the waters of the Persian Gulf.

Iran PressIran news: The border guards of the Islamic Republic of Iran monitor the entire border strip day and night with full vigilance, are sensitive to any entry and exit of smuggled goods and deal seriously with the offenders.

"Mojtaba Ghahremani," the Chief Justice of Hormozgan Province, said on Saturday; "With the coordination of the Public Prosecutor and the Revolutionary Guards of Bandar Lengeh, the Fifth Naval District of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps, after identifying a vessel carrying smuggled fuel in the waters of the Persian Gulf, seized it. Ghahremani added that more than 42,000 liters of smuggled fuel were pounded during the inspection. Four crew members were in detention after the arrest to complete the investigation and the legal process. 

The Chief Justice of Hormozgan stated that in addition to fines and imprisonment, organized fuel smugglers are also sentenced to confiscation of property resulting from the crime, saying:

"In line with the implementation of Article 20 of the Anti-Trafficking Law, vessels involved in trafficking will also be confiscated in favor of the government. "

Ghahremani added: "The criminal actions of fuel smugglers will not be hidden under the security umbrella of the judiciary and officers, and the punishment of the perpetrators of such crimes will be decisive and without forgiveness."

Earlier, the IRGC navy seized several foreign ships carrying smuggled fuel in Persian Gulf waters. 


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