The Saudi-led occupying coalition has launched a fresh military campaign to capture the key port city of Hodeidah, the only port through which essential items such as food and medicine enter war-ravaged and impoverished Yemen.

Middle East/ According to an Iran Press report, Colonel Ali al-Tanniji, the top commander of Saudi-led military forces on the western coast of Yemen, has talked of a new operation to capture and occupy the Yemeni port of Hodeidah.

According to Colonel Ali al-Tanniji, the new military operation has been launched on several fronts. Saudi warplanes bombed various districts of al-Hodeidah on Monday night.

Saudi and UAE military forces have been attacking the Yemeni port city of Hodeidah since 13 June this year, but so far they have had little military success.

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The port city of Hodeidah is the only port through which essential items such as food,medicine and humanitarian aid, can enter war-ravaged Yemen.

Saudi Arabia, with America's full backing, has been involved in a brutal military aggression and invasion of Yemen since March 2015. The United Arab Emirates is also heavily involved in the war of aggression against Yemen, being a partner of Saudi Arabia.

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A total Saudi-imposed air, land and sea blockade of Yemen has wreaked havoc in the country, leading to famine and a cholera epidemic.

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The staunch resistance of the Yemeni people and the Yemeni army has meant that Saudi Arabia forces have been stuck in a quagmire in Yemen for more than three years now. The Saudis have little to show for the huge sums they have poured into the war in Yemen. 

The tragedy sent shockwaves across the globe, with the international community condemning what has been dubbed "the single biggest attack on children" since the conflict erupted in 2015.

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